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BETASERON® (interferon beta-1b) is a prescription medicine used to reduce the number of relapses in people with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). This includes people who have had their first symptoms of multiple sclerosis and have an MRI consistent with multiple sclerosis. BETASERON will not cure MS but may decrease the number of flare-ups of the disease.

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Talk to your doctor to learn about possible treatment options for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) and if BETASERON® may be right for you. You can prepare for your next appointment by creating a custom Discussion Guide or you can download and print our discussion guide. BETA Nurses are also available 24/7 to answer questions on BETASERON by calling 1-844-788-1470.

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  • What RRMS treatment options are available?
  • Why should I start treatment if I’m not experiencing symptoms?
  • How does each medication work to treat RRMS?
  • How often and for how long do I need to take each treatment? How do I take it?
  • What has your experience been with each of these medications?
  • What side effects may occur with each treatment?
  • Are there ways to help lessen certain side effects?
  • What other safety information should I know about?
  • How do I store the medication? Does it require refrigeration?
  • Which injectable treatments offer an electronic autoinjector that can be paired to an app?
  • How can I determine which autoinjector is best for me?
  • Is financial assistance available to keep me on therapy even if my insurance changes or I lose coverage?
  • Is copay assistance available?
  • What products provide a patient support program that will follow my injection progress?
  • Which products provide me with the ability to track my injection data?
  • What products provide my healthcare team with the option to view my injection data?

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